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Roster of State Societies


Army of Northern Virginia

Army of Northern Virginia

ANV Commander -
ANV Executive Councilor - Robert Bradshaw
ANV Executive Councilor - Edward Izard


North Carolina Society
Commander: Ron Perdue
Adjutant: Byron Brady

South Carolina
Commander: J. Michael Farr
Adjutant: Cain Griffin

Virginia Society
Commander: Gary H. Roseman
Adjutant: German P. Culver


Army of Tennessee

Army of Tennessee

AOT Commander - Christopher Frederick Heuer
AOT Executive Councilor - Beverly Mathews Leigh, III
AOT Executive Councilor - Steven "Steve" Milton Barbaree

Alabama Society
Commander: Richard W. Sheely
Adjutant: William W. Morgan, III

Florida Society
Commander: T. Tarry Beasley, II
Adjutant: Jeff Sizemore

Georgia Society
Commander: Steven "Steve" Milton Barbaree
Adjutant: Willard "Will" Amos Barnes, IV

Illinois Society
Commander: James F. Barr, DCS

Kentucky Society
Commander: Edward Georgen

Mississippi Society
Commander: Chris Heuer
Adjutant: Mike Moore



Army of Trans-Mississippi

Army of Trans-Mississippi

ATM Commander - Terry Ray Phillips
ATM Executive Councilor - Dennis D. Brand
ATM Executive Councilor - Devin C. Lindsey

Arkansas Society
Commander: Koltin Massie
Adjutant: J. Troy Massey

Commander: Stephen Renouf
Adjutant: William Howard Jones



Missouri Society
Commander: Jon Trent
Adjutant: Larry Yeatman


Texas Society
Commander: Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Adjutant: David P. McMahon

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